Cheers (Fur Aw That).

Jings, a don’t ken whit tae say
Aboot whit’s happened since Sunday
Ah’ve ne’er bin sae pleased in aw ma puff.
Am strugglin’ tae fin’ words that say
“Thankyou” enough.

Naeb’dy hud an oabligation
Tae share ma wee poem roon’ the nation,
Yet ower these few days yiv goat it seen.
Yer great support did bring a tear
Right tae ma een.

Ten thoosan’ shares aboot the net –
Yer braw herts a will ne’er forget –
Fae buddies a will ne’er e’en meet.
A ken it’s cheesy; a don’t care,
It made me greet.

Thanks tae aw et STV
An’ in particular, Aimee,
Who took the time tae listen tae ma spiel.
Ma wee heid’s still spinnin’ roon’
It’s jist nae real.

A can only hope an’ try
Yer loveliness tae justify;
Am sittin’ wae ma notebook oot the noo.
So cheers again fur aw yiv done
Let’s gawn git foo.

Burns' cottage


8 thoughts on “Cheers (Fur Aw That).

  1. Lorna

    Thoroughly enjoyed your pieces. Keeping up the theme; here is a new version of “To a Mouse”

    Keep up the good work


  2. Hi Lorna. I applied to the same course you’re on back in 2009 but my own portfolio was rejected. After reading “Tae A Selfie” I can see the standard I was up against!

    Congratulations on your success and recognition – I’ve seen about six different Fb friends share it independently (from Dundee down to the Borders) and everyone who comments on those loves it too.

    Pure braw, guid stuff, weel done an’ a’ that 🙂

    • Aw did you? You should apply again – the worst that can happen is they say no, plus I now think there is a new class you can apply to which is taken by Keith Wright! 🙂 I’d definitely gee it an’er bash!! Aw, thanks so much ^_^ Jings that’s just mental!

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