Dinnae Run Oor Wee Toon Doon (Appreciation of Bonnie Kilmarnock).

Ah’ve aftin bin disgruntilt by
The wiy Kilmarnock meets the eye,
An’ shown like it’s a richt auld reekin’ mankey dive,
Wae shite flung et yer windaes when
Ye go a drive.

When cameras fae the BBC
Thought Killie toon they’d come tae see,
They filmed sitch stuff that made folk wahnt tae run an’ hide.
They ne’er gee’d Killie hawf a chance
An’ crushed its pride.

Since aw they folk showcased ‘The Scheme’,
A land withoot a single dream,
Am keen tae prove that Killie’s really no that bad,
An’ that tae judge it oan sitch scenes
Wid be sae sad.

Seein’ sadness an’ despair,
Folk said, “Gads, we’re no gawn there”.
A felt so sorry fur injustice hud been done.
It seemed like no a bit eh Killie
Saw the sun.

A startit hinkin’ whit tae dae,
If changin’ views there wis a way,
An’ if ma wee toon could escape its greyin’ licht.
Fur some parts huv sitch loveliness,
Their beauty bricht.

If ye turn yer een away
Fae thugs an’ fear an’ souls astray,
Yull see a toon wae history an’ loats tae say,
Wae Rabbie’s smashin’ statue, braw,
Doon Kay Park way.

The park an’ sprawlin’ castle Dean;
Take yer dug, yull feel serene.
Yid ne’er hink that sitch a haven could be found,
Wae strict rules tae lift yer dug shite
Aff the ground.

Stride oot doon John Finnie Street
Where yull fin’ a bite tae eat.
Try Shah’s fur chips an’ curry sauce if that’s yer game;
Then trip an’ faw intae it aw
Oan yer way hame.

However, ah’ll admit ma flaw:
Ma favourite haunts are no sae braw.
Fur when am hame am gracin’ the less cultured spoats;
Maist likely pished fae Sugar Sugar’s
Wan pound shoats.

While some dafties dubbed us “crap”
An’ criticised, we took the rap.
We keep oor pride as oor wee place deserves mare praise;
They clearly didnae see the warmth
Oor toon displays.

An’ so, a hope ma say’s well put –
A hope ah’ve cast awa’ some doot;
Killie’s really no a bad wee place tae stay.
It’s ma home, nae matter whit,
Am proud tae say.

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4 thoughts on “Dinnae Run Oor Wee Toon Doon (Appreciation of Bonnie Kilmarnock).

  1. Heartfelt, feisty and throat-constricting poem Lorna…LOVE it!!
    You have two ardent fans in my sister and myself, both Scotland-born and Glasgow-lived but now residing in disparate places ( she, France…me, California) and so your work is taking us home and awakening our experiences in a special way. Your poetry is thrilling our hearts, and as an expat I am reminded quite viscerally of the linguistic richness which is part of the very fabric of us Scots.
    Plus, as an alumna of Strathclyde University I am totally thrilled to be following you! Good luck with your ongoing output… and dinna stoap 😉

    • Thank you so much ^_^ Aaah, that’s amazing! Haha, I’m really pleased to hear that.

      I agree; there’s just something about Scots dialect I can’t get enough of. It takes you right back to Scotland whenever you read or listen to it ^_^

      Aw fantastic! Hahah, it’s a small world! 😉 Thanks a lot for your support, I’ll keep gawn! ^_^ x

  2. Another fantastic piece of work, Lorna.. What a neice!! As Eleanor said above, it makes you think of Scotland when you’re not there and for me, makes me a bit homesick..
    Good luck with all your work – hope it breeds success!!

    • Aww, thank you! ^_^ Aww, I know, there’s no place like it. Thanks a lot – I’m absolutely loving keeping busy writing ^_^ xxx

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