An Exhalation

The low sun bled the death of the day,
Gilding gold the trees
And dissolving auras
Into black.
It was too much to ask for an aura of fire.
Now she delivered her handful of words,
Turning them over in a dark pink pit
Where wounds can be made useful.
In the home of her mouth
She savoured their shapes
And their edges;
Delighting in pressure
Of tongue-cradled vowels,
And his delirium
As they left the undulation
Of her lips.



2 thoughts on “An Exhalation

  1. Lorna,

    I love your new poem Exhalation. I’ve read it out loud twice and it’s structured and witty and sensuous and a pleasure and I love that you want to write. I’ve no idea how you can improve your writing – your “after Burns” poems some time back were masterful already. I’ve no idea what to advise because I don’t know how I write poetry either – it just comes out onto the paper or it doesn’t, so I don’t think I even write it. Perhaps it just comes from the heart, it’s not from the head.

    Anyway, thank you for Exhalation and the picture is clever – where from ?

    A fanπŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much! : D I’m always really pleased when people get enthusiastic about poetry too haha. So glad you liked it : ) Thank you ^__^ I love writing in both broad Scots and simple free verse styles, but I actually prefer the latter as I always find I can express a whole lot more. I completely agree with your point about the heart and the head; if I push myself to write at times when my heart isn’t giving me anything to write about, nothing I care about goes down on paper.

      As for the picture, it’s just one I found on Google images!πŸ™‚ Haha x

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