Nae Mare Afraid

A pale licht crept intae the sky,
When ma wee hert broke, askin’ “Why?”
Hud Scotland haundit back its yin
An’ only shoat
Tae break oot fae the servile chains
Aroon’ its throat.

Fightin’ back indignant tears,
An’ the sting eh “No” camp’s cheers,
A couldnae unnerstaun’ a hing
Aboot thir glee.
They’d chosen fear, they’d chosen lies;
They couldnae see.

The day jist wint fae bad tae worse:
Oor money back in Cameron’s purse,
An’ promises eh powers hingin’
By a threid.
Oor people cheatit, cast aside;
The dream wis deid.

Then later, Glesgae did despair
As scenes eh horror filled the Square,
But naebdy fae the BBC
Came tae the riot;
They thoat it best tae blin’ us aw
An’ keep it quiet.

Through Facebook clips a saw the hate
Where days afore wis strength sae great;
Wounds an’ words, fire, flags an’ fists,
Nae hope wis spoken:
Scotland’s pain swept ‘neath the rug,
Its city broken.

But then, perhaps, the greatest blows
Came fae the freens becomin’ foes,
Fur noo, through words eh pain an’ rage,
Apart they staun.
It’s hard fur “Aye” tae see past “Naw”
When hope is gone.

Somehow though, the last wis wept,
An’ through the sadness, Scotland slept
Till moarnin’ came an’ suddenly
Thir herts did see:
That we who dream eh freedom won’t
Lie doon an’ dee.

As “Naws” proclaim thir huge regret,
Bereft at vows that wurnae kept,
It’s time tae pit oor anger an’ oor
Hurt aside,
Join hauns wi the enlightened
An’ take back oor pride.

Noo folk return tae fid bank queues
While Cameron takes oor wealth tae use,
However, a can feel rebellion
In the air:
Yi better brace yer erse cheeks Dave;
We’re gaun naewhere.

An’ as the surge fur SNP
Grows by the day, och Davie C.,
We bet yi ne’er anticipatit
This commotion,
Or thoat that Scotland wid rise up
In sitch emotion.

Fur efter aw the shite yiv selt
Nae mare wull we take whit wir telt;
Yi loast supporters when yir vows
Wint doon the shiters.
Noo “Aye” an’ “Naw” the gither
Will be Scotland’s fighters.

We’re movin’ forward, filled wi hope;
Until we’re free, we wullnae stoap,
Replacin’ greed wi pride an’ warmth,
Oor flame won’t fade.
Fur Scotland noo is burnin’ bricht:
Nae mare afraid.


Nae Mare Afraid


15 thoughts on “Nae Mare Afraid

  1. How you crystallize the feeling of loss of the greatness that should have come to light in the last days. Your writing is beautiful to read and yet the reality of the nitty gritty too is transparent. I shall be sharing your words with my parents who have, all my life, battled and spoken up for independance. They seem not sad today, but proud, proud of the capacity of their country to voice, share and discuss. The sadness is there but more as a fertile earth on which a new mouvement will rise and triumph. “un tuteur, une aide à la résilience” (Cyrulnik B). Merci

    • Thanks a lot! : ) Glad you enjoyed it.

      Yes! The disappointment and confusion of “Yes” voters – and later, many “No” voters – was exactly what I wanted to show, however I also wanted to convey a sense of the huge hope Scotland is building up again. I completely agree with your point about sadness being the fertile earth on which the fight for independence can grow back stronger – and now with much greater support behind it! : )

    • Thank you!! ^__^ It was great to finally get round to writing something Indy Ref related at last, haha. Yeah, no worries! xxx

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