The Lion’s Roar

As dawn broke oan the 7th of May,
An’ Scotland rose fur pollin’ day,
It never could huv guessed events
Wur ti unfold
That, wan by wan, wid set the land
Alight in gold.

As a left ti cast ma vote
A couldnae shake an anxious thoat
That once again we’d be deceived,
Oor voices hushed,
An’ that the grip of Labour lies
Wid leave us crushed.

A took ma peencil, an’ wi pride
A calmly pit a croass inside
The boax next ti the perty
That held Scotland dear:
The wan that wid help Scotland’s voice
Ti ring oot clear.

The votes were cast, the evenin’ came,
Election news filled every hame.
A hoped that efter many months
We’d huv oor day.
But naebdy could huv seen the landslide
Oan its way.

First ti speak wis Killie toon,
Where hope wis high, an’ pretty soon
The folk wint daft an’ raised the roof
Fur Alan Broon,
Whose victory kicked aff
The SNP typhoon.

Then came anither Liebour blow,
Ti Douglas Alexander’s woe,
When, at twinty, Mhairi Black
Made history,
An’ tipped his erse right oot his chair
Fur SNP.

Ma wee hert leapt ti hear the cheers
An’ see folk cryin’ happy tears;
It felt like, this time, Scotland’s hope
Wis here ti stay,
As, seat by seat, those fuellin’ fear
Wur swept away.

While SNP rejoiced, elatit,
Big Jim wis lookin’ constapatit,
Fur there, in Renfrewshire East,
Revenge wis sweet.
Ye better staun’ up Fundily Mundily –
Yiv goat nae seat!

Next, Lib Dems truly hit the deck
When cheers erupted fur Big Eck,
Who made his grand return ti take
The Gordon post.
Noo rid an’ oarange Tories wur
Geein up the ghost.

While England, sadly, noo wis blue,
Wee Scotland’s yella blazed oot true,
With every seat but three filled up
By those who’d see
That Scotland from Westminster
Would some day be free.

Intae the moarnin’ it wint oan,
Till SNP hud claimed the throne;
It felt like last September’s tears
Were deid an goan.
A message of oor country’s view
Wis clearly shown.

In years ti come, ah’ll tell ma weans
Aboot the vile Westminster chains,
That shook when wan historic nicht
Sent Scotland roarin’,
An’ seat by seat, so bright an’ brave,
Oor pride wis soarin’.

An’ yet, while Cameron’s in the door
Ti rule oor country five years more,
His “union” is now fractured to
Its very core,
An’ Scotland’s stifled voice is noo
A lion’s roar.


6 thoughts on “The Lion’s Roar

  1. words as arms,personifying words, carrying all the emotion of one people, even when they are afar. Merci Lorna!

  2. A passionate and roiling poem Lorna, full of the heart and energy and humour that characterizes the Scots psyche….thank you for sharing your wonderful and eloquent sentiments.
    In my book, and it’s a book of poetry naturally, you are a national treasure already🙂

    • Thank you so much ^____^ I completely agree that Scots poetry (and any Scots writing really) has a feel and tone all its own, and which writing in English can’t replicate. You’re so welcome! Really glad you enjoyed it ^____^

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