Tae A Domino’s

Fair fa’ yir cheesy, meaty face,
Authentic thin an’ crispy base,
Yir spicy pepperoni
Leaves ma mooth in awe;
Fur Domino’s a make ma case:
Thir pizza’s braw.

Ma belly’s growlin’ like a beast
Until a get ma Chicken Feast;
A rush ti make ma order
Fae the choice oanline.
Teen meenits more, it’s at the door:
The pizza’s mine.

Fur when a hear that wee bell ring,
A jist wahnt ti dance an’ sing,
A cannae wait ti git ma scran,
Sit doon an’ eat it;
Pipin’ hoat an’ freshly made,
Yi canny beat it.

As much as I adore ma meat,
Thir Veg Supreme goes doon a treat;
Delicious an’ delivered fresh
Withoot delay.
Its tasty gidness helps me get
Ma 5-a-day.

Wi 60 Scottish stores alone
Oor Domino’s has grown an’ grown,
Oanline, in store or oan the phone,
Thir heavy gid;
Amazin’ service, tons of fun
An’ smashin’ fid.

They’ve also launched a smert invention,
The ultimate in stain prevention,
Thir wipe-clean pizza onesie
Is the height of fashion;
Wi pockets fur yir dips an’ drinks,
It’s bloomin’ smashin’.

Och Domino’s, yir jist unreal,
Ah’d eat yir fid fur every meal;
Yir endless choice of pizzas fills
Ma hert wi glee,
An’ every Tuesday a can even
Get wan free.

An’ so, ti sum up aw ma praise
Fur Domino’s an’ aw the ways
They’ve led a revolutionary
Pizza craze:
Ah’ll love thir smashin’, belter pizzas
Aw ma days.



20 thoughts on “Tae A Domino’s

    • I was actually commissioned to write this for Domino’s!!! 😄 Haha, yes! I got plenty of free pizza (my family were chuffed).

      • So sorry!! I’ve not managed to reply to comments till today – I hope you went ahead and read it, I’m more than happy for you to! Xxx

  1. Lornalou. I love your poems (and I was brought up on Burns!) My favourite will always be Nae Mair Afraid. It still makes me very emotional, that for me at 50, you so young could put your finger on the emotions of almost half a nation. I have shared it with lot’s of folk. Anyway. Weel done Cutty Sark. That was a treat indeed.

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