Cow-eyed, unfocused, their minds at the door; The flickering colours of strangers on show Held under the surface, brainwashed like before Their fertile young minds choked by weeds that they sow.   Hollow and placid, what have they become? They’re … Continue reading


We talk about everything Except the things worth Talking about, Filling the ocean between us With pointless noise. I hold unspoken words in my mouth Like secrets of the sea. Instead we sit in silence together, Content to drown in … Continue reading

A moment will come.

A moment will come When you are no longer Foetal and sedated. Your naked limbs will unfold like petals, Not an offering. The world will explode for you with light and sound And your lungs will flood With oxygen you’ve … Continue reading

A reality.

A reality You don’t want Is like being forced to wear A new coat you don’t like. It doesn’t sit right, It lets the cold in, You feel ugly and stupid And it would never have been Something you chose … Continue reading

Nobody Made The Sea

Nobody made the sea. No hands crafted her, no Dusty page documented her arrival. She simply always was. The diamonds dancing on her restless body She wears with pride, not obligation: She alone willed them into being. She is full … Continue reading

Jekyll and Hyde

Decided to experiment with free verse, rhythm and rhyme to see what I could come up with. This was the very raw, unembellished result. Comments and criticisms more than welcome… Jekyll and Hyde …a beautiful name for the ugliest thing … Continue reading

First Attempt

Hi everyone! Hope you had a restful Christmas and a great New Year. Just wanted to say thank you for your continued support of my blog and to plug my first attempt at making YouTube videos. 😂 Here’s me reading ‘Jock Tamson An’ The Christmas Curry’ in really crap lighting. As you can see from my face at the start I have no idea what I’m doing. 😳 I have one whole like already and don’t think I can handle the fame. Hope you like it. 😄❤

Jock Tamson an’ the Christmas Curry

‘Twas Christmas Eve in Killie toon But Jock wis no his best He’d aw the weans fur Christmas  An’ wis feelin’ awfu’ stressed.   They ran aroon’ the kitchen As they screeched an’ hit each ither The din wis such … Continue reading

The Twa Fannies (oan Theresa May’s wee date wi Donald).

Touchin’ doon oan US land Wee Tessy May felt awfa grand, Fur today she’d finally meet Big Donny T An’ see the White Hoose, she wis buzzin’ Oot her tree. Her wee rid ootfit looked sae sly, Picked oot ti … Continue reading

Tae A Domino’s

Fair fa’ yir cheesy, meaty face, Authentic thin an’ crispy base, Yir spicy pepperoni Leaves ma mooth in awe; Fur Domino’s a make ma case: Thir pizza’s braw. Ma belly’s growlin’ like a beast Until a get ma Chicken Feast; … Continue reading